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August 08 2017




straight people are not allowed to reblog this post.

straight people are not allowed to transfer the contents of their bank accounts into my paypal



i love little kids that share too much information. today a girl came in with her mom to order food and i told her i liked her dress. she said “thanks my mom stole it from target”




I wasn’t asked to a single dance in high school and didn’t have a serious romantic relationship until I was 22. And like, yeah that shit hurt when I was younger. I had a lot of fears that I was unlovable and that I didn’t deserve to be happy. And every time I would try to talk to anyone about it, the conversation became, “you’ll find someone”, when it should have been, “you don’t need a relationship or a date, you’re lovable & complete & beautiful on your own”.

So yeah, please normalize young people not dating, and please stop shaming them for it. There’s more to life than romance, despite what the media wants us to think.


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magical girl being magical and her cool grandma

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[Image Description: A tweet by the user @beankazami that says “You know if you can respect Pokemon that don’t have a gender I’m pretty sure you can respect people who don’t have one either”]

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I never guessed that in my adulthood, I’d be relating to Calvin’s parents as much as I do in this comic.

Because damn … Calvin’s dad was so right.

This is part of an arc where their house got broken into and they have to deal with the ensuing fallout.

Calvin and Hobbes was some real shit, my dude.



its honestly the most harrowing experience to see someone on tumblr vociferate a really dumb opinion that you held as a teenager so you go “ah we all make mistakes i remember being 15″ and it turns out theyre almost 30



hey uhh if anyones still confused theres nothing nsfw about being gay there are gay kids and if you think puppy love between straight kids is cute but puppy love between gay kids is gross then you are in fact homophobic


All Fandom Discourse Is Cancelled Forever




Stop arguing about cartoons and go outside

This is your weekly reminder that fandom discourse is cancelled.

Hey there! Here’s another reminder that instead of telling people to kill themselves over cartoon characters, you could go play a fun game of ultimate frisbee outside with your friends!

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She’s gone.



trans rights are human rights and shouldnt be a political opinion



Literally any combat based series with people under 18: And now it’s time for the tournament of nations, where the entire world watches children beat the ever loving crap out of each other for entertainment!




be so completely yourself that everyone else feels safe to be themselves too

i can’t think of much that i aspire to more than this



When people say “end cringe culture” they mean “stop making fun of people who are having good, safe fun” not “never criticize or have negative opinions and stances on problematic things ever”

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Framerate synced with a bird’s wings

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Every time a major studio releases a film that gets worse reviews than the Room, Tommy’s power increases



whenever you refresh your dashboard and no one is posting:




there’s nothing wrong with overly self-indulgent shit like honestly

make that fuckin beauty and the beast au with your otp

draw your favorite character broken and bloody for no reason

make a self-insert that’s super important and powerful

write porn of that obscure ship centered entirely around your personal kinks

headcanon your faves as your sexuality, gender, etc

have fun man

i mean in the past i’ve made fun of all these things but i’ve grown up and chilled out and honestly? fiction is your platform to go nuts. have a great time. do what you want to

just respect other people’s boundaries and don’t go forcing your headcanons down other people’s throats, because they deserve to have a good time too

enjoy fiction however you want to and don’t let other people tell you how it’s supposed to be enjoyed



If you use transphobia instead of transmisogyny when referring to the oppression of trans women, I need you to consider why.

Because it’s easier? Because you think it’s the same thing? Because you think it covers all bases?

Reconsider. Trans women face a different oppression than other trans people. We face oppression because we’re Trans Women. Yes, this is 2 oppressions on top of each other, transphobia and misogyny, but we face this specific oppression that other trans people and cis women cannot experience.

Many of the things you call out for being transphobic humor, have you noticed it’s especially pointed at trans women? Man in a dress, men wearing makeup, “effeminate men”(which, yes, is also homophobic), etc. Cis men joking about “men dressed as women”. I will not lie and say it doesn’t hurt other trans people, of course it does, it hurts all of us, but it is specifically targeted towards trans women and hurts us in a specific way that other trans people do not experience.

Let’s consider, if you are gay, homophobia hurts all gay people. But a person targeting a lesbian is lesbophobia, and while it can still harm you as a gay person, it is not targeting you, it is targeting lesbians. They face a different type of oppression other gay people do not experience, it does hurt you but not in the same way it hurts them. Yes, you COULD call this homophobia, but it’s towards a SPECIFIC type of gay person, lesbians, and not towards other gay people, as lesbians tend to be targeted very often even by other gay people.

So, just consider, we face a different type of oppression, it’s not the same. We have a word for that, it is wide-spread, and it’d mean much more to us if you could recognize that.

I especially encourage you to reblog this if you’re not a trans woman.

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